Pre-process any document, of any format, at scale

  • Upload documents via Email, API or any automation tool like Zapier for fast, accurate, and error-free document processing.
  • Automatically collect and classify diverse documents into pre-set or custom folders, regardless of volume.
  • Enhance image quality for extraction readiness using deskewing, denoising, and contrast optimization.
Most used for – Bank checks, ACORD forms, Utility Bills, Bank statements and Invoices
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Pre Processing
Preferred by Leaders from
Real estate
Biagi Bros

Biagi Bros is saving more than 500 hours per month on their Bill of Lading processing.


Jones document processing time reduced from minutes to seconds for their ACORD forms.


Valtatech turned their invoice processing time from a few hours to < 5 minutes with 99% accuracy.

Hitachi Payments

Hitachi reduced reconciliation time of bank statements to under 30 minutes. Saving around 200 hours/month.


PayU processed 7 financial statement types across 100+ banks enabling 95% straight-through processing for income & ID verification.

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief got a straight through processing rate of over 95% for their financial documents.


Arbor Powers 95%Straight-Through Processing on 1 Billion documents for CRE lending and risk assessment.


Westland processes 2000+ utility bills in 6 formats from 6 vendors, achieving 99% data accuracy.

Does manual document sorting limit your business growth?

Difficulty in Scaling
Manual processing of varied document types strains scalability and adds complexity for companies.
Time Consuming
Manual document classification consumes 20-40% of the time that could be allocated to other priority tasks.
Multiple Sources of Input
Managing and organizing documents received from various channels can be a resource-intensive and error-prone process.
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Automate document pre-processing with Docsumo


Take control of how you send your documents

Pull any type of document, be it PDF, images, or emails, from inboxes, scanners, or other document management systems into Docsumo.

Document Classification

Classify received documents on your own terms

Automate document sorting into pre-defined or custom categories to improve efficiency by eliminating low-value repetitive tasks.

Auto Split

Intelligently separate pages regardless of dimensions or layout.

Filter and split multi-page or merged documents using custom criteria, so you only pay for the pages you need.

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