Get 99%+ accurate data from ACORD forms with AI

  • Automate high-volume of ACORD forms intake via APIs or emails and get the final output into business-ready formats without interfering with existing workflows
  • Capture data from all versions of ACORD 25, ACORD 26, ACORD 125, & ACORD 126 with ready-to-use AI/ML models.
  • Verify key terms such as inclusions and exclusions from ACORD form descriptions and endorsements.
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Bank Statement Processing with AI

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Unlock hidden insights in ACORD forms with extracted data to drive faster decision making.

Accelerate underwriting and claims processing by 10x with Docsumo's intelligent algorithms.
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Get to know how Docsumo simplifies data extraction for any claims processing

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Document ingestion
Auto-classify documents
Auto-split & convert documents
Pre-trained models (MOST USED)
Train your model
Smart table extraction
Human in the Loop
Straight Through Processing (STP)
Validation Checks
Best in class for capturing data from financial documents.
We are using Docsumo’s APIs for automating data capture from bank statements and identity cards while onboarding customers. It has  reduced the time our operations team spends on data entry by manifoldswhile providing a much better customer experience. "
Prashanth Ranganathan
Chief Executive Officer, PaySense (A PayU company)
Prashanth Ranganathan from Paysense

5 Reasons to get the Docsumo Advantage Now!

Reduce turnaround time for document processing from days and months to seconds
Increase efficiency by 10X even as you process 10k+ documents a month
99% plus
Reduce manual and repetitive errors with intelligent automation and get accurate data from documents
Smart AI
Algorithms that self-learn based on new document formats and on the go or from manual corrections
Make rapid decisions with easy validation and granular analytics
Readymade APIs for bank statement analysis

Approve more loans and mortgages with automated bank statement processing

Whether you underwrite personal loans, mortgages or commercial loans, process customer bank statements in real time with our readymade APIs. Docsumo's AI-based software detects changes in header/column/table positions, and subtle alterations in bank statements.
Automated Bank Statement Processing for Loan Approvals
Get analytics

Make rapid decisions with AI-based transaction categorization

Measure creditworthiness by categorize transactions for your underwriting decisions. Get granular analytics on debits, credits and previous loans in the same API call.
Automatic Transaction Categorization with Artificial Intelligence
Smart review with human-in-the-loop

Ensure 99%+ data accuracy with AI-powered review screen

Verify extracted data with our smart review screen without changing your workflow. Use Excel-like formulae to validate page totals and get better accuracy over time.
AI powered validation of extracted data
Easy integration

See bank statement data automatically on Salesforce, Quickbooks, Excel, or any financial software

Pull data from bank statement PDFs and convert them into CSV, JSON, or Excel for easy analysis and income verification. Moreover, Docsumo's intelligent processing lets you store your data securely in your existing accounting systems and financial software.
Automatically Export Bank Statements to Financial Softwares
Bank statement automation case study

Learn how PaySense processed bank statements in <30 seconds

The Situation
PaySense, a multinational fintech company, processes 100,000 loan applications a month. As part of customer onboarding, the client had to examine bank statements (amongst other documents) from 100+ banks in 1,000 formats. As a result, processing each application manually would take 24 to 48 hours.
Our Document AI platform recognized document types (passport vs bank statement) based on image characteristics and send to respective API. We helped them categorize bank transaction data to figure out gross incomes, average monthly balances etc. for underwriting loans.
Bank Statement Case Study of PayU
Reduced processing time of unstructured data to <30 seconds
Touchless processing using smart validation rules
Processing cost reduced by automating workflow end to end
See how we can help your operations and finance teams.
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