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At Docsumo, we believe we’re stronger together. Expand your product and technology portfolio and add revenue streams with AI-powered data extraction.

Auto Detect Fields from Tax Invoice

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Docsumo raises $3.5 million seed funding from Common Ocean, Fifth Wall, Arbor and Better Capital

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Business Partners

We partner with resellers, affiliates, consultants, system integrators and managed service providers to deliver 10x operational efficiency for their customers with document AI technology.

Tech Partners

We partner with software and cloud companies to help their customers achieve end-to-end process automation to create delightful user experiences.

Why choose Docsumo as your partner?

Expand your product portfolio

Diversify your product portfolio with Al-powered data extraction technology.

Increase revenue streams

Unlock new revenue streams and grow your business with a comprehensive solution that meets your customers' needs.

Access to dedicated support

Receive dedicated support from our team of experts to help you succeed and provide a seamless solution to your customers.

Provide a comprehensive solution

Offer a comprehensive solution that reduces manual errors and processing time, providing your customers with a faster and more accurate service.


Industry-agnostic solution
Works seamlessly for industries like commercial real estate, insurance, logistics, and more.
Plug and Play ML models
Docsumo comes with pre-trained APIs so you needn't train ML models yourself.
One software for all doc types
One software to extract data from all document types, templates, layouts, and tables.
Get used to touchless processing
100% document automation enables data processing team to focus on more critical tasks.
100 X
Faster than a human at reading unstructured data. Get data back in less than 30 seconds.
90% +
Touchless processing using smart validation rules.
Increase in efficiency by automating workflow end to end.
Own the future of Document AI
Connect with the partner team and take your first step to success.