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number of employees
Fund raised
$3.5 M
Mumbai, Kathmandu, Bangalore, and New York

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Our Mission?
Docsumo helps enterprises make fast & accurate decisions from unstructured data.

Our clients achieve 10X operational efficiency by using our self-service, developer-friendly tools to modernize manual, error-prone back-office tasks that depend on documents.

Why we love working at Docsumo

For three fantastic years, I've been part of the Docsumo. From 8 of us to 80 working employees (the number is still growing). Docsumo brings together folks from all walks of life, and what unites us is our passion for making documents less of a headache. Here, work isn't just about the daily grind; it's about the daily laugh too. We've got a team that knows how to get things done and how to have a good time doing it.

Pankaj Tripathi

Marketing (Sep 2020- Current)
Docsumo has provided me a platform to learn, grow and achieve many things, be it in technology stack or managerial skills. Docsumo's working ambience and competitive team has always pushed me further.

Anish Pandey

Data Scientist (June 2021 - Current)
Starting from fresh undergraduate without real exposure to growing as professional, Docsumo has helped me shape my technical and leadership skills. The ambience and the team has pushed me to be better than who I was yesterday.

Janardan Banjara

Python Backend Developer (Feb 2020 - Current)
From the first call, I was really impressed by the team on how interviews and onboarding was conducted. Every member in the team can be easily summed up as 1/100, that is our hiring bar. You get to work with the most talented bunch of people who are competitive as well as collaborative. If you feel you have not been challenged enough in your current setup, come join our team and let's raise the bar.

Aniket Tatipamula

Engineering (Dec 2022 - Current)
I've grown immensely at Docsumo, flourishing in the cutting-edge AI field. The collaborative environment and career development opportunities here are unmatched. Our founders are not only visionary but also empathetic, fostering a culture of care. Join us at Docsumo, where you'll thrive in the AI industry while having fun and growing your career.

Akash Nawal

Founder's Office (Aug 2022 - Current)
Docsumo's culture of innovation and professional growth is truly inspiring. I am grateful to be part of a team that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and striving for excellence in everything we do.

Rachit Pandey

Product Manager (Aug 2022 - Current)
Hi, I've been part of Docsumo for the past year and six months. What has truly endeared me to this organization is its exceptional culture and the freedom it grants us to explore new horizons. I'm delighted to be part of a company that  employs cutting-edge AI solutions to solve real-world problems. Joining this dynamic team has expanded my skillset and allowed me to contribute to a mission I believe in.

Vishal Arya

Customer Success (May 2022 - Current)
My experience with Docsumo has been nothing short of transformative. I've grown immensely, while working on challenging projects that have elevated my understanding. Collaborating across teams has improved my cross-functional skills, and I've learned the value of taking ownership and leading a team. Docsumo has been the driving force behind my growth, and I'm grateful for the opportunities it has provided.

Rishabh Rao

Machine Learning (Nov 2021 - Current)
I have been with Docsumo for almost two years now, and I am in awe of how the company has grown. Because of the opportunities and challenges presented by the cofounders, I have been able to grow both professionally and personally. Docsumo values and believes in ownership, transparency and empathy, and all the employees feel like they are contributing to something bigger and meaningful.

Vaidehi Tipnis

Human Resource (Nov 2021 - Current)
Working at Docsumo as a Data Scientist has been an incredible journey of growth and learning. This dynamic environment has allowed me to harness my technical skills while pushing me to excel as a professional. The collaborative spirit within the team and the supportive atmosphere have been instrumental in my development. Docsumo truly provides the perfect platform for anyone looking to thrive in the field of data science.

Ashish Ghimire

Machine Learning (Feb 2020 - Current)
Working as an Account Executive at Docsumo has been an incredible experience. I meet daily with Rushabh, our CEO, to discuss strategy and territory planning. The input from myself and the rest of the team really does impact the course of action for the company’s sales efforts. Having such a direct impact on the company’s success is something I never experienced in my prior roles.

Aaron Winnick

Sales (June 2023 - Current)
Been working with Docsumo for 1.5 years now and it's really great to be surrounded by talented colleagues who care about what they do. I learn something new here every day. Docsumo is a good example of the working culture where there is focus on the well-being of the employees, work-life balance and open communication.

Ishank Sagar

Sales (June 2022 - Current)

Pillars of Docsumo

Growth Mindset

In a startup marked by daily uncertainties and challenges, fostering a growth mindset cultivates resilience and proactive problem-solving. This mindset values continuous learning, acquisition of new skills, adaptability, and a curious approach which contributes to the dynamic business environment. We encourage employees to see feedback as a constructive tool for self-improvement and to embrace innovation and change, which are key to their personal growth.

Collaborative Environment

A collaborative work environment emphasizes open and transparent communication, fostering camaraderie and knowledge sharing among team members. We prioritize diversity of thought, encouraging unique perspectives that drive creativity, innovation, and effective problem-solving within our organization.


Empathy is a foundational core value at Docsumo, promoting deep understanding and appreciation of individuals' perspectives and experiences both inside and outside the organization. It fosters inclusivity, effective communication, and collaborative teamwork, benefiting not only internal interactions but also client relationships, resulting in stronger connections, increased satisfaction, and a positive brand reputation.


Ownership fosters proactive problem-solving, accountability, and empowers employees to make confident decisions while aligning personal success with the organization's goals. It creates a culture of reliability and a deep sense of pride in the company's mission.

We are Customer Obsessed

Our commitment lies in understanding, delighting, and surpassing customer expectations. We prioritize deep understanding, proactive engagement, and continuous improvement based on customer feedback in all aspects, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction, loyalty, and a strong emotional connection with our brand.

Hybrid Work Environment

We work 3 days a week from office and here’s why:

  • Remote and in-office collaboration ensuring good work-life balance.
  • It ensures technology enabled communication.
  • Outcome driven culture encourages a results-driven mindset.
  • Cross-collaboration within teams helping us grow as individuals.
  • And lastly, short breaks when you’re in the office, chat for a while, have tea or spill some tea(IYKYK) with your work besties?
Interview process

15-20 minute preliminary interview over phone/video call to shortlist candidates for the first interview.


Based on the role, you’ll receive an assignment to assess your coding or problem solving skills.


Maximum of 2 rounds of interviews with senior team members. Ask any questions you have regarding the role.


Congrats, you are in. We’ll proceed with the employment agreement and reference checks after you accept the offer.

Founder’s interview

Final round with CEO (and/or) CTO, depending on the seniority of the role.


Role-specific case study, offering insight into the nature of work at Docsumo and assessing your skills and thought process.

Great talent deserves great experience

Our vision is global and so are our perks and amenities. We want you to succeed and believe in providing you with all that you need to do your best.

Competitive Salary
Hybrid & Flexible
Stock Options
Health insurance
Regular team events
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for an open position?

You can check out our LinkedIn page along with our Careers Page section to know more. If you do not find anything, do reach out to our employees on LinkedIn and ask for referrals. We’ll be happy to take it ahead that way as well!

I couldn’t find a specific job to apply for, but I would like to work with your company and possibly look for a suitable opportunity. How can we proceed?

If you don't find a suitable role, please drop us an email at & we would be happy to look into your profile and update you.

Where can I learn about opportunities for students?

You can check our Careers Page section which will redirect you to our ATS, and you can find some great internship opportunities there.

How do I best prepare for the interview process?

Always research about the company and the role you’re applying for. Everything else will fall into place as it should!

Do you have any unique traditions or events that add a fun touch to the workplace?

Ofcourse! We have a range of traditions from the day you join, right from sharing stories to competitive but friendly games, sports, competitions. Our goal is to create a lively and enjoyable work environment.

Are there any quirky or unique spaces in the company where employees can take a break and unwind?

Yes, we have designated break areas that are not your typical break rooms. You might find a game corner with chess, a cafeteria buzzing with everyone cheering on the players for Table Tennis, cozy reading nooks, or even a space for quick creative brainstorming. We encourage our employees to take breaks and recharge in a fun environment.

Do you have any unique traditions or events that add a fun touch to the workplace?

Ofcourse! We have a range of traditions from the day you join, right from sharing stories to competitive but friendly games, sports, competitions. Our goal is to create a lively and enjoyable work environment.

Is humor encouraged at Docsumo? Are there any inside jokes or funny traditions that employees share?

Absolutely! We believe that laughter is a key ingredient to a positive work culture. We have a few inside jokes that have become part of our culture, and humor is always welcome. Whether it's funny memes in our team chat or light-hearted banter, we love keeping the atmosphere lively.

Can I bring my dog/cat to work?

SOON, hopefully!

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