Fast-track accounts payable and minimize incorrect entries with 99% efficient data capture.

  • Extract data you need from Invoices, Purchase Orders and other unstructured documents with just a single click.
  • Reduce time to process invoices from weeks to minutes.
  • Prevent duplicate invoice payments with automated validation checks
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Bank Statement Processing with AI
Problem statement

Accounts Payable requires your finance and accounting team to manually extract and match data from original documents like Invoices or Payment Orders which is time-consuming & error-prone.

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Workflow optimization with Docsumo

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What docs do we handle?

Supplier invoices
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Broker invoices
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Bills of lading
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Hospital bills
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Reports Credit memos
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Purchase Orders
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Make your accounts payable touchless, error-free, and accurate


Move beyond template-based OCR

Template-based OCR cannot handle variations in invoices, purchase orders, and layouts. That's why Docsumo's flexible solution adapts to changing accounts layouts, tables, and structures etc. and extracts data using a single API call.


Minimize risk in your Accounts Payable processes

  • Mapping cost centers, project codes, and general ledger code wrongly can cause financial and reputational risk.
  • Instead, use Docsumo to capture such data automatically before routing to the correct person for approval.


Stop paying for duplicate invoices

Docsumo checks invoices for their file names, invoice number, vendor name, date and amount. Our intelligent accounts payable processing software detects duplicate content between invoices and flags them to prevent double payment.


Make your accounts payable team super-productive

Getting reminders and duplicate invoices from suppliers? Or, spending time manually fetching and keying in invoice data? Use Docsumo to reduce time to process invoices from weeks to minutes.

Accounts Payable Case Study

How Valtatech reduced their Invoice processing time from hours to <5 minutes with 99% accuracy


Processing invoices was a frustrating nightmare for Valtatech. Every month, a tidal wave of 40,000+ unstructured invoices from over 60 vendors with 100+ templates deluged their team. Manually scanning, categorizing, and extracting key data from these multi-page invoices consumed over 3 hours per document. With growing invoice volumes, Valtatech struggled with delayed payments, inaccurate amounts, overlooked invoices, and drained productivity. They desperately needed an automated solution capable of simplifying this chaotic mess.

  • API-based integration ingests invoices seamlessly into the platform
  • Multi-format support structures unstructured invoices
  • Advanced OCR accurately extracts all buried data
  • Intelligent categorization learns and adapts to new invoice templates
  • Custom rules validate extracted data contextually
  • Structured JSON output integrates with downstream systems

Intelligent invoice processing eliminated tedious manual tasks, boosted productivity, and enabled Valtatech to scale without expanding headcount.

  • Manual processing time was reduced by 95%
  • Line item accuracy improved to 99%
  • Invoice discrepancies decreased by 90%
Processing U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Form
processing time of unstructured data reduced to <30 seconds
cost reduction due to accounts payable automation
touchless processing using smart validation rules
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