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Best Document AI solution with pre-trained APIs for every lending needs

"Biggest advantage of using Docsumo is the unparallel data capture accuracy. With 95%+ STP rate, the extracted data is directly pushed into the database without someone needing to look at documents 95 out of 100 times."

Howard Leiner


Your go-to solution for flexible data capture from unstructured documents

"Debt settlement letters vary a lot from each other but Docsumo manages to capture data accurately almost every single time at the processing speed which is unprecedented."

Daniel Tilipman

President & Co-Founder |
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With Docsumo we are now able to process thousands of ACORD Forms in a day

“We are processing thousands of ACORD forms a day automatically while being able to get accurate analytics from over 100 data points.”

Michael Rudman

Co-founder & CTO |

With Docsumo, we save more than 500 hours per month.

“With Docsumo, we assign barcodes in less than 2 mins. The same process used to take us 20 mins previously. We are now saving hundreds of hours a month generating Advanced Shipment Notifications.”

Neil Lawrence

Business Process Manager |

One solution for different utility bills

“We process 6 different types of utility bills for portfolio management. Docsumo has been able to deliver one solution for all different variations.”

Shani Nowlin

Chief Technology Officer |

Best in class for capturing data from financial documents

“Docsumo’s pre-trained APIs for automating data capture from bank statements and identity cards have reduced the time our operations team spends on data entry by manifolds.”

Prashanth Ranganathan


Trusted by the world’s biggest data-driven businesses

Minimize manual efforts processing docs. Maximize data accuracy.

Our easy, self-serve interface enables 10X efficiency for your teams and business processes. Say bye-bye to manual data extraction and human errors. Here’s how you can digitize:

Ingest, classify and pre-process any document

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Send documents via emails, API, cloud drive or local machine.
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PDF, PNG, JPG, Excel, TIFF, TXT, Emails - Bring them all into Docsumo using our powerful APIs.

Accurately capture key values & tables from unstructured documents

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Unstructured documents like invoices, banks statements, contracts, rent rolls, bill of lading, energy/utility bills, ACORD forms, IRS Form 1040 are hard to read.
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Docsumo’s intelligent AI enables you to extract and easily review only the fields you need from such complex documents.

Reduce errors by validating data within a document

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Create excel-like rules/formulae to validate extracted data within your document, across documents or against a database.
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Categorize table line items based on descriptions to derive key metrics required for decisioning.

Post-process and directly integrate data with downstream systems

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No matter the industry - Insurance, Underwriting, Financial Services, Lending, Logistics - we’ve got APIs ready for you.
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All that you’ve got to do is integrate the data fields in your systems with our APIs. And, you’re ready to analyze the data and make intelligent automated decisions.
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Get started easily with pre-trained models or train on your dataset

Make your account payable teams 10X efficient with automated invoice processing.
Bill of lading
Make your logistics operations seamless with 99% document data accuracy
Energy and utility bills
Get meter numbers, amounts due, and more from utility bills
Digitize your finance
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ACORD 24, 25, 26, & 27
Extract data from all fields from ACORD 24, 25, 26, and 27 forms in seconds
ACORD 125, 126, 127, & 130
Extract all data from commercial, auto, and workers compensation insurance forms
Flood certificates
Make faster lending decisions with accurate data extraction from flood certificates
Digitize your insurance
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Rent rolls
Eliminate unstructured data challenges in rent rolls
Trailing 12 months
Get actionable real estate analytics from trailing 12 month reports
Operating statements
Know the correct financial health of a property from its operating statements
Digitize your real estate
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Bank Statement
Extract accurate names, amounts, addresses from scanned bank statements in PDF
Income Statement and Balance Sheet
Automate data extraction from ACORD certificates effortlessly
US Tax Returns
Get smarter with automated IRS Form 1040 processing and validation
Digitize your lending
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Westland achieved 99%+ field-level accuracy with automated utility bills processing

The Situation

Westland had to manually capture data from 6 different types of utility bills from 6 different vendors. Their in-house automation efforts hadn't yielded positive results.


Our intelligent algorithms helped them adapt to all the variations in these documents with minimal training. We helped them integrate with their existing software and pushed data with their matching schema similar to their analytics models.
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Reduced operational cost
touchless processing
accuracy due to

Arbor Realty Trust achieves 10X processing of ACORD and flood certificates

The Situation

New York-based Arbor Realty Trust had to process ACORD 25, ACORD 28 and flood certificates. It took them 30 mins to process a document. Even with this, manual error rate was ~20%.


Docsumo’s pre-trained APIs helped ingest the forms easily.
Our proprietary NLP-based classification framework categorized key value pairs and line items before integrating with their existing systems.
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processing of unstructured data
touchless processing using smart validation rules
accuracy due to comprehensive automation

National Debt Relief achieves 95% processing of debt settlement letters

The Situation

NY-based National Debt Relief wanted to scan debt settlement letters. But, lack of a fixed structure to scan running text was difficult for the 50-member team who process more than 350,000 settlement letters annually.


Docsumo’s pre-trained APIs helped ingest debt settlement letters easily. Our rule-based validation engine applied contextual data validation on extracted data, which was later integrated with Salesforce.
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processing of unstructured data
touchless processing using smart validation rules
accuracy due to comprehensive automation

Your enterprise data is safe and within your control

Your data is end-to-end encrypted
We maintain the highest levels of information security
Get complete control of your data
You are in full control of your data and who has access to it. Manage users and data easily.
Multi-region data architecture
Choose where you want your data to be stored and for how long
Measure automation success with audit logs
Our granular analytics help you keep improving your processes with time
24X7 Monitoring and 99.9% Uptime
Our servers are on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud working for you round the clock

We're backed by the industry's leading investors

Docsumo raises $3.5 million seed funding from Common Ocean, Fifth Wall, Arbor and Better Capital

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