Automate your commercial underwriting process with 10x efficiency

  • Extract data you need from rent rolls, T12s, income statements & other unstructured documents with just a single click.
  • Free up your team's time with our pre-trained AI models that make manual data digging obsolete
  • Make document review a breeze with our Human-in-the-loop review screen and validation checks.

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Bank Statement Processing with AI
Problem statement

CRE underwriting requires your servicing operations team to manually extract data from rent rolls, T12s & income statements which is time consuming & error prone.

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Workflow optimization with Docsumo

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Loan Application Form
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Credit Report
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W-2 forms
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Tax returns
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Bank statements
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Investment statements
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Property deeds
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Income statements - 1099
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Government identification card
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Social security number
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Current Loan Documents
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Scale your underwriting with automated data extraction


Minimize risk with intelligent auto-spreading and standardization of CRE documents

Whether you're dealing with multifamily, retail, or commercial loans - auto-spread complex documents like T12 operating statements, rent rolls, offering memorandums, etc. easily. Set up field-level confidence thresholds to minimize your risk of underwriting different commercial properties.


Go beyond plain vanilla OCR

Vanilla OCR systems rely on recognising patterns or like-for-like similarities. But, real estate documents are complex. That’s why Docusumo’s AI scans, understands, and categorizes real estate data contextually irrespective of its placement on the document.


Dump manual processing. Get more done with intelligent automation.

Automate repeatable processes like checking insurance policies, sorting and prioritizing submissions with AI. Extract key data in insurance documents, T12s, rent rolls for straight through processing into downstream underwriting systems.


Make informed underwriting decisions with 99%+ data accuracy

Extract real estate-specific data such as occupancy, rent, footage, premiums, deductibles, lease start/end dates etc. with 99%+ accuracy. Make informed decisions to efficiently triage submissions and identify the best commercial real estate opportunities to underwrite. Save loads of time and effort as well.

CRE Insurance Compliance Case Study

How Arbor Realty Trust achieves 10X processing of ACORD and flood certificates


The underwriting team spent hours manually extracting data from insurance documents like ACORD forms and elevation certificates for insurance compliance. Each application took up to 30 minutes to capture data with a 20% error rate.


Docsumo's AI-powered data extraction APIs automated data capture from insurance documents. Key steps:

  • OCR scanned and vectorized the text for extraction
  • Custom NLP models classified and structured the data
  • Algorithms made intelligent predictions to identify relevant data
  • Validations ensured 99% data accuracy
  • Flexible API integration into Arbor's systems

What previously required manual effort, now happens touchlessly with Docsumo's smart validation algorithms. The underwriters now review only the exceptions, reducing processing time by 10x with over 95% straight-through processing.

Processing U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Form
Faster processing of unstructured data
Touchless processing using smart validation rules
Accuracy due to comprehensive automation
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