Extract document data instantly, accurately.

  • Plug-and-play using 30+ pre-built or customized document AI models tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Identify and pull data, be it a single item or an entire table, from complex documents with ease.
  • Cut processing costs by up to 80% while speeding up document timelines via precise unstructured data analysis.
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Data Extraction
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Real estate
Biagi Bros

Biagi Bros is saving more than 500 hours per month on their Bill of Lading processing.


Jones document processing time reduced from minutes to seconds for their ACORD forms.


Valtatech turned their invoice processing time from a few hours to < 5 minutes with 99% accuracy.

Hitachi Payments

Hitachi reduced reconciliation time of bank statements to under 30 minutes. Saving around 200 hours/month.


PayU processed 7 financial statement types across 100+ banks enabling 95% straight-through processing for income & ID verification.

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief got a straight through processing rate of over 95% for their financial documents.


Arbor Powers 95%Straight-Through Processing on 1 Billion documents for CRE lending and risk assessment.


Westland processes 2000+ utility bills in 6 formats from 6 vendors, achieving 99% data accuracy.

Is your team investing too much time in data extraction?

Manual Data Entry
Manually sifting through document sets to pull data can be repetitive and time-consuming.
Data Inconsistency
Data accuracy takes a hit due to human errors or reliance on sub-optimal solutions.
Long Turn Around Time
Issues with existing customer support can delay responses occasionally.
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Simplify data extraction with Docsumo

Ready-to-use AI models

Skip the manual data entry in your documents

With 30+ pre-trained AI models, extract data from documents, covering common business use cases in an easy-to-use interface.

Most used for – bank checks, ACORD forms, utility bills, bank statements, invoices.

Train custom AI model

Train your documents, your way

With just 20 samples, build custom models tailored to your needs.

The model learns to fully grasp the context over time, accurately pulling key details even when labels differ.

Smart table extraction

Extract data from complex tables easily

Train the model to adapt and capture valuable data from tables in your documents.

Whether it's nested tables, tables on separate pages, or multiple tables in one document, Docsumo can parse them all.

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