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Simplifying Insurance Forms : Processing and Automation of Acord Form 90

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Simplifying Insurance Forms : Processing and Automation of Acord Form 90

Acord 90 form, also known as ‘Personal Auto Application’ is an insurance policy document that is required to insure personal automobiles. Acord 90 forms are relatively simple to fill out; however processing data from these forms manually, validating for errors, and storing them safely pose challenges such as higher error rate despite being slow. Advancement in data extraction technology today has allowed for the automation of extracting data from these forms and storing it electronically. Using standardized policy forms for insurances and intelligent data processing technology helps maintain a level of ubiquity amongst agencies that promotes clarity, and makes processing quicker and easier.

What is Acord 90?

An Acord 90, also known as Personal Auto Application, is used to insure personal automobiles registered to a single insured.

Acord 90 forms are developed separately and specifically for each state - an Acord 90 DE (Delware) would correspond to respective laws and regulations of its state; similarly, an Acord 90 AZ would have fields that ask details, according to Arizona state regulations and laws. While there isn't one single format for Personal Auto Applications across all states, there exists a standard template that is uniform within each particular state.

Importance of Acord 90

Acord 90 forms are required by personal automobile owners to secure their vehicles against damages and other risks that may arise during the period of its use.

1. Liability

In case an auto accident occurs due to a fault on the insured's part, Acord 90 forms are needed to assess liability coverages that the insured is eligible to receive. These forms provide coverage for the driver in case of an accident.

2. Damages

Acord 90 forms help the insurer to assess which type of coverage for physical damages the insured is entitled to - whether it is collisional or non-collisional damages, whether or not accessories are covered, whether it was an act of war or natural wear and tear, etc.

3. Legal securities

Acord 90 summarizes the legal securities the insured is eligible for in case of accidents or cases that escalate.

How To Read Acord 90

The Acord 90, also known as Personal Auto Application, is a state-specific insurance form. As such, the applicant must first acquire the right form before starting to fill it in. If applicable, the applicant would need to attach additional relevant forms with the Acord 90:

  • The Acord 91 (Good Student/Driver Training)
  • The Acord 92 (Medical Statement)
  • The Acord 93 (Young Driver Questionnaire)

The following sections of an Acord 90 form are common for all the states:

  • Residence details
  • Garage details for the vehicles not housed at the mailing address of the insured
  • Complete vehicle description, including the type of usage
  • Driver information
  • Accidents
  • Additional interest parties
  • Prior coverage
  • General information questionnaire

The state-specific details that Acord 90 forms ask for are:

  • Coverage/Premiums
  • Fair Credit
  • Fraud
  • Coverage acceptance/rejection
  • Disclosure requirements

Depending on which state you are applying for insurance in, Acord 90 forms will differ slightly.

How To Automate Acord 90 Processing

Any underwriting process in an agency starts at one point - filling out the right form correctly. Acord 90 forms differ by state and also come with attachments (Acord 91, 92, and 93) that vary with the applicant. Digitalizing such specificities manually demands unbroken concentration and attention to detail - and errors still occur sometimes.

Employing Acord forms data extraction solutions such as Docsumo to handle the specificities of digitizing Acord 90 forms makes the whole process more efficient. Equipped with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Docsumo rarely misses a value ensuring that every field in the form is accounted for. Smart filter and Computer Vision work to categorize and sort through extracted data in a superfast way. Data correlation capabilities of the software solution make processing highly streamlined, while also eliminating the trouble of double-entry or duplication.

Furthermore, automation software comes loaded with error-prevention functionalities such as Validation, which enable a user to manually check and edit the extracted data from an Acord 90. The software is also enabled to validate fields automatically and accurately.

In the "deep learning" mode, automation of Acord 90 processing suggests certain key values during extraction, which the user can retain or discard as per relevance and usefulness. All in all, the automation of Acord 90 processing makes the entire operation smooth and error-free.

Your digitized Acord 90 forms can be converted to Excel, JSON, .csv, and .txt formats and can be exported to other applications as well.

Benefits of Automation

If your business processes Acord 90 forms by the bulk, getting the software to automate this process would bring you benefits that stretch over many levels:

1. Finish Tasks Quicker

Automation of data extraction from paper forms is faster when scanned and uploaded to software to do the rest. It eliminates manual entries, and thus the task is completed faster.

2. Achieve higher accuracies

Automated extraction and document processing make use of intelligent, evolving algorithms that leave no room for error when fact-checking or validating fields.

3. Prevent clutter creation

Paperless document processing facilitates automated categorization and searches, eliminating the possibility of clutter or disorganized offices.

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