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Introducing Screenshot Reader by Docsumo

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Introducing Screenshot Reader by Docsumo

Docsumo’s Screenshot reader lets users grab sections of a website, take a  snapshot, and convert them into editable text in minutes. The Docsumo Screenshot Reader features a drag and drop user interface that allows you to capture your selected portion of the screen and instantly convert to editable text. Whether you want to capture text from still frames, quotes, websites, advertisements, banner ads, protected text blocks, and more - Docsumo's OCR Chrome Extension will let you do that.

Key Features

Docsumo’s Intelligent OCR solutions offer users a convenient way to highlight, select, and capture text from a variety of online sources. Here’s a list of the key features of the Google Chrome OCR extension:

1. Extract Text from Images

Do you have images that feature taglines, captions, or readable lines of text? Docsumo can capture those sections and convert them into editable text. You can zoom into different regions of pictures and capture text from those parts

2. Review and Edit on the Go

You can review your captured texts and make edits on the fly. Docsumo’s text editor makes it quick to navigate through your selections and process texts from PDFs or images quickly

 3. Capture any Language and Translate to Others

Docsumo's supports data extraction for multiple languages. You can translate your captured data into other languages as well. If you want your text translated from Spanish to English, just click the Google translation icon and the extension will do the rest!

Benefits of Docsumo’s OCR Extension

Here’s a list of the benefits Docsumo’s OCR extension offers to its users:

1. Fast and Efficient Data Processing

Docsumo’s intelligent OCR algorithms are able to recognize and capture information from a variety of data formats online. You can use the tool to extract text from images, screenshots, PDFs, websites, and even videos!

2. Simple and Easy to Use

The OCR extension takes a simple drag and drop approach to text capture and editing. This makes it beginner-friendly and easy for users to take advantage of the tool, even if they have zero technical experience!

3. 100% Free

There are no hidden costs or fees involved. It is free to use by everyone!

4. Supports multiple formats

You can extract texts from PDFs, images, and a wide variety of file formats. You can also save your edited text in different file formats too


The Google Chrome OCR extension is a versatile tool for those who want to capture text online in seconds. Here’s what you can do using the OCR Chrome extension tool.

1. Images

Do you have an image that you want to scan and extract data from? You can use the screenshot reader to extract text and numerical figures from standard and substandard quality images.

2. Websites

It doesn’t matter if you want to capture the whole webpage or specific section, simply select the areas you want to cover and Docsumo will get to work. The extension works with protected text on a website as well.

3. Videos

From subtitles in videos, captions, and displayed texts, the OCR extension can capture textual information from still frames in videos. It can extract text from images, photographs, and scanned files too

How to use the Docsumo Chrome OCR Extension?

To start using the Docsumo Google Chrome OCR extension immediately, do this:-

  • Visit the Chrome Web Store on your Android or Desktop.
  • Search for the Docsumo Free OCR Software Chrome Extension.
  • Download and install the extension on your Chrome web browser.
  • Select Capture Selected Area.
  • Draw a bounding box around the portion of the screen you want to cover. This will convert your scanned images or region as editable text.
  • A text editor window will pop up. It will display the converted text captured from your selected portion.
  • If you want to capture the entire visible screen and not just a specific portion, select the Capture Visible Area option next time you run the Docsumo OCR Google Chrome Extension.

Fair use only

We believe that the tool should be used for fair purposes only and that’s why Docsumo’s screenshot reader limits the number of screenshots to 30 screenshots per hour in order to avoid getting used for malicious purposes. We have no intention to offer a premium version of this tool with an extended limit as of now.


Docsumo’s Google Chrome OCR extension gives you a bonus option to translate your converted text into different languages. You can set your language preferences and translate text captured in English to Spanish, Italian, German, etc.

Try out the Docsumo Google Chrome OCR Extension for free today!

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