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How to Extract Data from T12, OS, and Rent Rolls?

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How to Extract Data from T12, OS, and Rent Rolls?

Financial data is crucial to any real estate venture. The intellectual property required for a real estate venture is significant to its validity. When buying, selling, leasing, or renting any property, crucial financial data is analysed to make the best decisions. Documents such as T12, Operating Statement (OS), and Rent Rolls are thoroughly analysed to determine the potential of a real estate opportunity. For every real estate venture, the financial data shows it’s performance and value.

What is a Trailing Twelve Months (T12) Statement?

The T12 statement comprises all monthly expenses and revenues of a rental property in the past year. 

TTM Sample

  • A T12 or TTM refers to a piece of data that summarizes the economic performance of real estate based on its Net Operating Income (NOI) over the past twelve months. 
  • The T12 shows the operating efficiency of a building or property, the revenue growth, Rent Roll data, and more at a glance. 
  • Extracting T12 data is vital to assess the overall performance of an apartment building or any type of multi-family property.
  • Investors and prospects often extract T12 data or reaffirm existing T12 information to be sure of their real estate investment options.

What is an Operating Statement (OS)?

The Operating Statement or OS is one of the prime indicators of real estate legitimacy and value. 

Operating Statement Sample
  • When assessing real estate value, the operational efficiency of each stakeholder is best calculated through an Operating Statement.
  • For investors analyzing real estate, OS is vital to ensure that no complications arise in the future. 
  • OS helps ensure that once the real estate is acquired, nothing should not halt the revenue generation.

What is Rent Roll?

When an investor invests in a rental property, they are buying two parts of the real estate, the property and its rental income. To make an informed decision on rental properties, buyers analyze the Rent Roll.

Rent Roll Sample

  • A Rent Roll comprises utility charges, monthly rentals of each property within the real estate, tax information, and maintenance details. 
  • The Rent Roll is applicable to almost any rental property from single-family housing to multi-family complexes, commercial buildings, such as offices or shopping malls, and leases for agricultural use or construction. 
  • The Rent Roll data provides a deep insight into what can be expected when taking over the real estate.
  • With Rent Roll data, investors can pick the right price and make the right offer that benefits them. 

Challenges with manual Real Estate data extraction

Most real estate agencies or brokers spend hours to extract data from T12, analyse Rent Rolls and furnish a complete Operating Statement. Various documents required for a single real estate property can be hectic to manage, let alone extract, compile, and analyse.

Some of the key challenges faced with manually extracting real estate data are:

  1. Time-consuming - It can take hours, days, weeks, or even months to go through the documents of a real estate property. For CRE analysts and real estate professionals, this can be a gruesome task.
  2. Costly - Extracting real estate data manually can cost a lot with many procedures involved. In fact, hiring employees to fulfil the strenuous and time-consuming tasks can be a burden.
  3. Erroneous - Being a repetitive task, going through each complex document with numbers and figures can often lead to errors. The manual extraction of real estate data requires a keen eye for detail and a tireless spirit to persevere. If done manually, it is likely that some of the data will be faulty and inaccurate.
  4. Exhaustive - It is an exhaustive process. Without the right tools and guidance, even seasoned professionals can turn ineffective when working with large volumes of crucial data sets.
  5. Requires extensive focus - Compiling data may be easier than extracting necessary elements of large documents. The analysis that follows requires accurate data to make decisions. If any data set is wrong, the whole process has to be redone.
  6. Large sets of data - When the real estate property requires extensive documentation, the data handling process can be overwhelming. Manually going through large sets of data can lead to fatigue and unproductive outcomes.

The complexity of extracting real estate data can be simplified. Automation technology has taken leaps into the documentation process for commercial real estate. Real estate documentation, extraction, analysis, and data projections have become easier through automated software like Docsumo.

Automated data extraction makes real estate operations easier, and the final outcome a result of thought-out and incisive decisions.

Save time, money, and effort with automated data extraction

Docsumo is an advanced software designed to extract information into a structured format from unstructured PDFs, scanned documents, and images. Considering the large sets of documentation required, the process is simplified into a few steps to extract data and compile it, saving hours on data entry tasks.

Data extraction with Docsumo

  1. Import the documents into the Docsumo interface.
  2. Click filters for dates, specific numbers, and other expressions to extract data in the desired format.
  3. Great image preprocessing (noise reduction, deskewing, and contrast correction) offers the highest data extraction accuracy.
  4. Docsumo converts PDF to CSV, Excel, JSON, and XML file formats. Simply download the extracted data for any date range in the required format.
  5. In less than a minute, users can import a document, process it, extract all data fields from it, and share the data to other apps.
  6. Docsumo makes it simple to send the extracted data to any other software APIs and webhooks instantly.

In a few simple steps, the Docsumo intelligent software extracts data from documents within minutes. The data is presented in a structured format. This method is used for extracting financial data, report analytics, Rent Roll data, creating a T12, OS, and much more. 

Automated data collection and seamless efficiency

Almost every complication in data collection and analysis can be resolved if there is an efficient system to extract data and produce finished reports. That’s why real estate building managers, accountants, record keepers, investors, investment partners, and associates lean on technology like Docsumo for improved efficiency. To maintain the financial data securely and extract crucial sets of data in any volume, automated data extraction is useful.

With the best software designed to extract real estate data, Docsumo is revolutionizing the way we look at intellectual property. No more long hours of running through sets of documentation. In a few clicks, the data is fetched, organized, and compiled with an interface that’s easy to understand.

With a high-performance software, users get the best of both worlds, accurate data extraction and exceptional efficiency. It’s so much easier to analyze thousands of bank records and confidential statements and extract data from T12 in a few minutes. Users can even analyze multiple rental properties to decide how to generate more revenue. You can handle all your assets and intellectual property the right way with the ideal software. Automated data extraction results in seamless efficiency and timely real estate proceedings.
To discover how to make real estate proceedings easier, more convenient, and extremely accurate, book a free demo with us.

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