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Reasons why you should consider Docsumo as a substitute to

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Reasons why you should consider Docsumo as a substitute to

AntWorks is a global, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation (IA) firm that generates unique possibilities with data by implementing digitization, automation, augmented with Artificial Intelligence.

ANTstein, offered by AntWorks, is the only Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) in the world powered by fractal science principles as-well-as pattern recognition. It digitizes every data type for advanced-thinking companies that intend to achieve straight-through processing.

While AntWorks might be a popular choice if your company deals with structured data, unstructured data, images, or other inferred data types, some firms also prefer Docsumo, which offers automated document processing solutions such as data capture, extraction, and processing.

Docsumo facilitates operations teams to extract information from any document type with no manual setup, irrespective of the layout, with remarkable accuracy.

Features offered by AntWorks

Check out these features offered by AntWorks that make it an exceptional RPA solution for tasks that involve more than just Data extraction and Analytics -

1. ANTstein Square

ANTstein SQUARE curates everyday processes and provides companies with superior analytics augmented by machine learning and AI algorithms.

ANTstein SQUARE renders accurate insights through an integrated full-stack solution that learns to automate complex business processes. It offers Automated Data Curation and Intelligent Digital Workforce Management to satisfy all your business automation requirements.

2. Auto Indexer

Auto Indexer is a tool that accelerates your journey by organizing your documents and making them easily accessible from enormous amounts of unstructured data.

Automated document indexing facilitates the acceleration of your robotic process automation (RPA) journey. This tool also helps you gain visibility into and automatically interpret and organize your data. 

3. Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR)

AntWorks’ Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) facilitates you to surmount the challenges of digitizing unstructured data by providing features that include -

a) Machine Vision Capability

CMR is the only data ingestion engine that satisfies the complicated Machine Vision requirements of highly unstructured data, disparate data as-well-as document format independent.

b) Complex Pattern Recognition

AntWorks delivers top-notch Natural Language-based classification with small data sets that help recognize intricate patterns in information.

c) Seamless Configuration

Due to the convenient configuration offered by CMR, it ensures rapid implementation in your company. Its engine is smart enough to grasp from a modest representative set of documents.

4. Image Enhancer

The Image Enhancer by ANTstein auto inspects, scans, autocorrects, and refines the quality of any image document. This feature enhances accuracy and throughput for digital transformation.

5. QueenBOT RPA

The RPA component of ANTstein, QueenBOT RPA, is a superior upgrade to traditional RPA, which helps you build, operate and run your digital workforce efficiently and with no hassle.

You can conveniently build a low code/no code BOT development environment to establish a digital workforce.

Can you substitute AntWorks with Docsumo?

AntWorks is an RPA solution that provides users with much more than mere Data extraction and Analytics. However, Docsumo can be considered as an excellent alternative to AntWorks if the business seeks to automate data processing at any level.

Some competent features provided by Docsumo to its clients that might make you consider Docsumo over AntWorks include -

1. Integrated service solutions

With the multiple document training feature, Docsumo provides customers with a unified solution rather than collaborating with several vendors for various use cases. 

Docsumo keeps their New Doc Type updated frequently to offer better efficiency, which lets it train with enhanced accuracy. The platform also provides sophisticated customizations.

2. Pre-Trained APIs

Docsumo offers case-specific pre-trained APIs, enabling clients to evaluate the accuracy of the data extraction model before they install it in their computer system. 

Docsumo Pre-Trained API

This pre-trained API delivers excellent results for most document types, including Rent Rolls, Offering Memorandum, Sales Comparisons, Trailing 12 Months Statements, Operating Statements, as-well-as Lease Abstractions.

3. Customer service

Customer service is one of the prime strengths of Docsumo as their team offers speedy resolutions to any complaints. 

Regardless of the gravity of an issue, consumer care always ensures that your disputes get resolved. Our team provides you with satisfactory solutions to any concerns end-to-end.

Why you should prefer Docsumo

AntWorks delivers exceptional results with unstructured data by employing state-of-the-art RPA solutions and might be a smart choice for your firm. However, here are some reasons why you should prefer Docsumo if you are looking for automated data processing solutions -

1. Document auto-classification

Docsumo offers document auto-classification API, which enables you to upload documents in bulk, have them categorized under respective classes, and send them for processing.


Ensure that you train the API with at least 20 documents of each type to set up this feature. After training, the API allows you to upload any class of documents in bulk and ensures swift delivery of results.

2. Interactive UI experience

Docsumo offers an exceptional UI experience, which ranks it a notch above AntWorks. You have to put in minimal effort or time to transition from any data extraction software to Docsumo.

We have meticulously developed documentation on our features and services and host a YouTube channel to guide clients to use our products. The UI experience, according to customer ratings, even surmounts AntWorks.

To get a fair understanding of our interface and each feature offered by our platform, you can seamlessly schedule a demo call with our team at Docsumo.

3. Smart OCR technology

We offer document AI software with smart OCR technology that helps you transform unstructured documents, including pay stubs, invoices, and bank statements, into actionable data.

Docsumo works with all document types in any format and uses a minimal setup. Our platform uses deep learning data extraction technology to mitigate manual errors and lets you extract data from any image or pdf document in the desired layout.

The intelligent OCR tool offered by Docsumo delivers more accurate results compared to AntWorks and extracts more insightful data that ensures an enhanced transcription of information.

4. Seamless integration

Docsumo offers seamless integration with other software without causing hassle. Such a perk is only available on a few platforms in the expertise of document automation.

Seamless integration of software

Docsumo ensures effortless integration with any workflow by employing plug-in APIs as-well-as innovative input and output connectors.

5. Reasonable price

We provide a price range according to the number of documents processed; however, our rates enjoy a numerical advantage in the market.

Besides offering an interactive UI with flexible customization for various use cases, we maintain a lower price point than AntWorks.

Docsumo also offers a reasonable pay-as-you-go pricing where you never encounter any hidden or extra charges but only compensate for the features used.

Miscellaneous perks offered by Docsumo

Docsumo enjoys the upper hand compared to AntWorks in terms of a better UI, smarter OCR tool, efficient training model, and competitive pricing.

  • Docsumo renders a Processing Time of fewer than 30 seconds. This value is 50x faster than an average worker executing the same task. 
  • Docsumo, as a document automation software, can help alleviate costs by 70%. 
  • We offer a whopping 98%+ accuracy rate which can help mitigate manual errors and ensure a precise extraction of critical data from credentials.

Final words: why go for Docsumo

Docsumo promotes a streamlined workflow for businesses that seek automated data processing. We enhance data extraction algorithms, provide an intuitive UI, offer hassle-free integration with other platforms, and maintain affordable pricing compared to AntWorks.

We also offer a free demo to new clients to demonstrate approaches to enhance productivity and ensure smart document processing.

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