Income verification made simple, accurate and risk-free

  • Securely extract income data from diverse document types, such as Paystubs and W-2s with pre-trained AI/ML models.
  • Mitigate manual review errors via automated validation against supporting documents and databases.
  • Analyze crucial financial health metrics to assist companies in determining creditworthiness and risk profile.
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Bank Statement Processing with AI
Problem statement

Manual review of application documents and banking data can lead to oversights and errors, exposing companies to fraud, credit loss, and competition.

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Workflow optimization with Docsumo

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What docs do we handle?

W-2 or other wage statements
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Pay stubs
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Bank statements
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Proof-of-income letter
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IRS Form 1099s
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Attestation from an employer
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Employment Contracts
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Pension statements
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Trust fund income statements
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Tax returns
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Worker’s Compensation Letter
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Make more closures with automated income verification


Increase loan originations with an expedited underwriting process

Automate over 50% of fulfillment and servicing tasks for a faster loan borrowing experience.

With this automation, lenders shorten the underwriting process by 30% and reduce substancial origination costs.


Data-driven Insights for faster decision-making

Compile customer financial data from documents into basic snapshots of income verification, cost summaries, and risk transaction assessments.


Minimize risk and standardize income documents

Set up field-level confidence thresholds across diverse documents like Paystubs, Bank statements to minimize your risk of mortgage underwriting or risky loan sanctions. 


Go beyond plain vanilla OCR

Docusumo’s AI scans, understands, and categorizes income data contextually irrespective of its placement on the document.

Processing U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Form
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