Collect payments faster with accounts receivable automation

  • Process hundreds of invoices in seconds via ready-to-use AI models to expedite receivables.
  • Prevent duplicate entries and enforce data standards with validation checks to maintain consistency across receivables.
  • Integrate accounting systems to enable accounts receivable teams to process, review, and approve invoices at scale.
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Bank Statement Processing with AI
Problem statement

Payment collections and credit risk teams face accounts receivable challenges due to manual errors, and scattered data hindering timely payments.

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Workflow optimization with Docsumo

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What docs do we handle?

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Purchase Orders
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Bank Statements
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Delivery Receipts
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Sales Contracts
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Credit Memos
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Payment Remittances
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Customer Correspondence
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Revenue Recognition Documents
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Sales Orders
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Proof of Delivery
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Shipping Documents
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Credit Reports and Applications
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Tax Exemption Certificates
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and many more...
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Processing U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Form
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