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Automate your commercial underwriting with 99%+ data accuracy

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Commercial Income and Operating Statements
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Extract data granularly from applications and submissions
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Minimize effort with our human-like AI that makes smart associations with document data
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10X your submission quotes with digitized underwriting processes

Best Document AI solution that comes with pre-trained APIs a CRE lender needs

"Amongst others, the biggest advantage of partnering with Docsumo is the data capture accuracy they’re able to deliver. We’re witnessing a 95%+ STP rate, that means we don’t even have to look at risk assessment documents 95 out of 100 times, and the extracted data is directly pushed into the database.
Howard Leiner
CTO, Arbor Realty Trust
Howard Leiner from Arbor Realty Trust

4 simple steps to super-charge your multi-family and retail underwriting


Automatically decode bulky email attachments instantly

Be it multi-page broker documents or property contracts - ingest, split, and classify complex documents using our readymade APIs
Automatically classify complex commercial documents

Unlock trapped data in unstructured and structured real estate documents

Extract, clean and analyze data from rent rolls and T12 operating statements etc. that have multiple content blocks and tables
Extract data from real estate documents

Validate data with human-in-the-loop

Got calculations to double-check? Or, doubtful aggregations? Review them instantly in your existing workflow with human-in-the-loop.
Calculate and validate data from statements

Populate your risk models and aggregate data easily

Get data in excel spreadsheets that perfectly integrate with your risk models on cash flows, trailing 12 months, property sizing/acreage, loan-to-value, sensitivity analysis etc.
Export data to Excel
Automatically classify complex commercial documentsExtract data from real estate documentsCalculate and validate data from statementsExport data to Excel

Scale your underwriting with automated data extraction

Auto-spreading of CRE loan documents

Minimize risk with intelligent auto-spreading and standardization of CRE documents

Whether you're dealing with multifamily, retail, or commercial loans - auto-spread complex documents like T12 operating statements, rent rolls, offering memorandums, etc. easily. Set up field-level confidence thresholds to minimize your risk of underwriting different commercial properties.
Train ML Models for accuracy with a variety of document types
Intelligent CRE automation

Go beyond plain vanilla OCR

  • Vanilla OCR systems rely on recognising patterns or like-for-like similarities. But, real estate documents are complex. That’s why Docusumo’s AI scans, understands, and categorizes real estate data contextually irrespective of its placement on the document.
Categorize real estate document data contextually

5 Reasons to get the Docsumo Advantage Now!

Reduce turnaround time for invoice processing from days and months to seconds
Increase efficiency by 10X even as you process 10k+ invoices a month
99% plus
Reduce manual and repetitive errors with intelligent automation and get accurate data from invoices
Smart AI
Algorithms that self-learn based on new invoice formats and on the go or from manual corrections
Make rapid decisions with easy validation and granular analytics
100% Straight through processing

Dump manual processing. Get more done with intelligent automation.

Automate repeatable processes like checking insurance policies, sorting and prioritizing submissions with AI. Extract key data in insurance documents, T12s, rent rolls for straight through processing into downstream underwriting systems.
Visual stats of document analysis
Faster and insightful underwriting decisions

Make informed underwriting decisions with 99%+ data accuracy

Extract real estate-specific data such as occupancy, rent, footage, premiums, deductibles, lease start/end dates etc. with 99%+ accuracy. Make informed decisions to efficiently triage submissions and identify the best commercial real estate opportunities to underwrite. Save loads of time and effort as well.
More than 99% accuracy
CRE Insurance compliance case study

Arbor Realty Trust achieves 10X processing of ACORD and flood certificates

The Situation
New York-based Arbor Realty Trust had to process ACORD 25, ACORD 28 and flood certificates. It took them 30 mins to process a document. Even with this, manual error rate was ~20%.
Docsumo’s pre-trained APIs helped ingest the forms easily. Our proprietary NLP-based classification framework categorized key value pairs and line items before integrating with their existing systems.
Intelligently Scan Standard Flood Hazard Determination Forms
Processing of unstructured data
Touchless processing using smart validation rules
Accuracy due to comprehensive automation
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