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Best Insurance Claims Automation Software in 2024

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Best Insurance Claims Automation Software in 2024

Insurance claims processing deals with the extraction and processing of data from a variety of documents and requires employees to go through intricate details. Automating claims processing has been a challenge faced by companies because of the level of complexity involved in processing insurance documents. However, intelligent document processing using claims automation software is revolutionizing the sector and changing that by leveraging OCR and AI models to scan and interpret information from documents.

Best claims automation solutions are tailored to scale up with businesses, meet varying requirements, and improve overall customer experiences. Most of these platforms are capable of processing a wide variety of documents and do not have any limits to the number of claims they can process. Below we give an overview of the top claims automation software solutions for businesses and more. 

Types of documents to process for different insurance claims 

The types of documents processed for different insurance claims processing:-

  • Car insurance - Car vehicle insurance policies, repair bills, FIR reports, proof of receipts, and cash release statements
  • Liability Insurance – General liability certificates, business registration documents, certificate of insurance, contact details, etc.
  • Travel insurance - Trip tickets, claims forms, loss of passport documents, identification proof, discharge cards, and hospital bills
  • Medical insurance – Birth certificates, income verification, bank statements, pharmacy bills, indoor case documentation, doctors’ prescriptions, and original claim forms
  • Life Insurance – KYC documents, rental agreement/proof of residential address, social security number, hospital discharge summaries, term plan policy agreements, etc.

Your insurance agent may request for additional details such as personal information, driver’s licenses, assets you own, and income status depending on the type of insurance policy you are applying for. The coverage and limits you obtain will depend on the basis of the documents you furnish.

Top 5 insurance claims automation software in the industry

Insurance claims automation software helps agents automate workflows, evaluate, and manage insurance claims when processing them. Claims automation solutions can help businesses reduce operational costs, eliminate document fraud, and ensure data compliance, thereby enhancing the whole customer experience.

The best claims processing automation software used by the insurance industry are:-

1. Docsumo

Docsumo is an Ai platform that uses smart machine learning to automate insurance claims processing tasks. Using machine learning and intelligent OCR technology, it extracts data from unstructured documents, giving them meaning, making it easier to analyze and process claims. Policyholders enjoy automated Cloud backup and data recovery when processing their insurance documents with Docsumo. Any number of documents that can be processed in a day without compromising on accuracy and processing time. Docsumo is compatible with multiple document types, and extracted data can be downloaded in JSON, Excel, or CSV.

2. Abby Flexicapture

Abby Flexicapture uses precision data extraction technology to automate data capture from health and medical insurance claims. The software streamlines claims entry processes by using various automated validation rules for processing insurance data. It also gives organizations greater visibility into their documentation and the platform supports all standard claim forms such as claim attachments, HCFA/CMS-1500, and UB-04/CMS-1450.

3. Amazon Textract 

Amazon Textract is a special service that uses machine learning algorithms to extract handwritten data from scanned documents, PDFs, and other file types. It is able to pull elements like tables, forms, columns, and other important areas from documents for insurance claims processing. Unlike traditional OCR solutions that require constant reconfigurations for processing different insurance forms, Amazon textract’s engine is designed to be self-learning which means it adapts to various document layouts automatically and structures information.

4. Kofax 

Kofax RPA technology uses machine learning automation to eliminate repetitive tasks involved in insurance claims filing. It accelerates payments, helps in managing customer subscriptions, and provides increased visibility across operations via business analytics. Policy holders can track the status of their claims any time, and customize their communication preferences with vendors on the platform.

5. Hyperscience 

Hyperscience lets users parse unstructured documents and automate claims processing tasks such as underwriting, claims filing, accounting, and enrolments in organizations. It can automatically classify and validate submitted user data against master databases and submit it to insurance agents for further review. For incomplete packets of data or missing details, it forwards tasks to an exception handling system.

Final Words

Pick your option for the one that suits your requirements best. By doing so, you’d be eliminating the need for manual data entry in your system and replacing it with intelligent document processing which is 95%+ accurate and 10 times faster than your current setup. Claims automation processing can streamline insurance workflows and make it easier for agents to manage documentation, deal with clients, and give refunds. 

Get in touch with us to automate data extraction from claim processing documents. Sign up for a free demo and see how we can add value to your system.

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