Digitize your accounts payable processes with 99%+ accuracy

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Reduce risk with intelligent matching of invoices to purchase orders, duplicate identification and vendor validation
No template setup, no manual rules. Use AI that learns from your invoice formats
Get 10X efficient with end-to-end automated accounts payable workflows and validation logic

Docsumo turned out to be a real game changer for us

“Bringing down the invoice processing time from a few hours to less than 5 minutes with 99% accuracy has been a real-game changer for us. With Docsumo’s help, we have been able to automate invoice processing resulting in lower turnaround time and better customer experience.”

Jussi Karjalainen

Founder & Managing Partner, Valta Technology Pty Ltd

4 simple steps to efficient accounts payable processing


Ingest invoices directly from emails

Import invoices from emails, PDFs, scans etc. with our pre-trained APIs.

Extract 99%+ accurate accounts payable data with zero effort

Get data such as payee names, account numbers, invoice amounts, dates etc. accurately with zero human intervention.

Match invoices 2-way/3-way/4-way

Match invoices with their purchase orders and receipts beyond the standard data fields

Integrate directly with existing systems

Post-process and integrate the respective data fields in your downstream systems with our intelligent APIs

Make your accounts payable touchless, error-free, and accurate

Flexible and intelligent OCR

Move beyond template-based OCR

Template-based OCR cannot handle variations in invoices, purchase orders, and layouts. That's why Docsumo's flexible solution adapts to changing accounts layouts, tables, and structures etc. and extracts data using a single API call.
Minimizing risk in Accounts Payable processing

Minimize risk in your Accounts Payable processes

  • Mapping cost centers, project codes, and general ledger code wrongly can cause financial and reputational risk.
  • Instead, use Docsumo to capture such data automatically before routing to the correct person for approval.

5 Reasons to get the Docsumo Advantage Now!

Reduce turnaround time for invoice processing from days and months to seconds
Increase efficiency by 10X even as you process 10k+ invoices a month
99% plus
Reduce manual and repetitive errors with intelligent automation and get accurate data from invoices
Smart AI
Algorithms that self-learn based on new invoice formats and on the go or from manual corrections
Make rapid decisions with easy validation and granular analytics
Prevent duplicate invoice payments

Stop paying for duplicate invoices

Docsumo checks invoices for their file names, invoice number, vendor name, date and amount. Our intelligent accounts payable processing software detects duplicate content between invoices and flags them to prevent double payment.
Boost AP process efficiency

Make your accounts payable team super-productive

Getting reminders and duplicate invoices from suppliers? Or, spending time manually fetching and keying in invoice data? Use Docsumo to reduce time to process invoices from weeks to minutes.

Take control of your accounts payable automation with Docsumo

Streamline multi-vendor invoice processing
Manage multi-vendor invoices with varied payment terms with ease
Automation with human-in-the-loop
Get 95%+ touchless processing for your procurement processes with automation and human-in-the-loop
Capture and categorize line items
Categorize table line items and get calculated attributes to automate decisions
Enhance your spend intelligence
Get granular analytics on vendor and spend by category
Get performance reports
Create work queues for your Accounts Payable team and get detailed performance reports
Accounts payable data extraction case study

Valtatech reduces invoice processing time to <30 seconds with accounts payable automation

The Situation

Melbourne, Australia-based Valtatech helps its clients process over 20,000 invoices a month in different formats. Their 20-member team would struggle to extract accurate data from semi-structured invoices.


Docsumo's OCR module was optimized to extract accurate data from invoices that had varying fonts, image quality, and resolution. Our proprietary NLP-based classification framework was trained to categorize key value pairs such as invoice number, date, vendor details and totals.
processing time of unstructured data reduced to <30 seconds
cost reduction due to accounts payable automation
touchless processing using smart validation rules
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