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Plug-and-play automation custom-built for logistics and shipping documents
Accurate data extraction for pre- and post-transportation management
10X your efficiency with smart AI that learns with every new transport document type

With Docsumo, we are now able to save more than 500 hours per month

“With Docsumo, we are now able to assign barcodes in less than 
2 mins.
The same process used to take us 20 mins previously. We are now saving hundreds of hours a month generating Advanced Shipment Notifications. It has reduced manual errors drastically.”

Neil Lawrence

Business Process Manager, Biagi Bros, California

Docsumo - The only document intelligence platform you need for your supply chain

Supply chain networks process billions of physical documents which is time-consuming and error-prone. Introducing Docsumo - an intelligent document processing platform that helps classify, extract, and analyze unstructured data in all kinds of transport documents.
Extract all data fields from documents like bill of lading (BoL) and send the data to downstream apps
Dock receipt
Bill of Lading
Warehouse receipt
Health certificate
Insurance certificate
Consular documents
Shipper’s letter of instruction
Destination control statement
Marine Transport
Capture data from marine transport documents like warehouse receipts, Bill of Entry, Certificate of Origin etc. with 99%+ accuracy
Proforma invoice
Bill of lading or seaway bill
Commercial invoice
Packing list
Insurance certificate
Bill of entry
Certificate of origin
Health or phytosanitary certificate
Dangerous goods declaration
Letter of credit
Land Transport
Build land transport data processing workflows automatically in seconds
Bill of lading
CMR document
Truck consignment note
CMR consignment note
Airway bill
Warehouse warrant
Warehouse keeper's receipt
Delivery order
Air Freight Shipping
Automate data extraction from semi-structured, or unstructured air freight shipping documents
Commercial invoice
Consular invoice
Certificate of origin
Shipper's export declaration
Airway bill
Bill of lading
Export packing list
Inspection certification
Destination control statement
NAFTA Certificate of origin
Automate data extraction from Customs and Border Protection documents
Import license
Certificate of insurance
Letter of credit
Technical write-up or literature
Industrial license
Test report
Form 78 and 328
Form 3461 and 6059B
Clearing & Forwarding
Automatically process, classify and extract data from Clearing & Forwarding documents with Docsumo's intelligent AI
ProForma invoice
Customs packing list
Customs packing list
Country of origin certificate
Commercial invoice
Shipping bill
Bill of lading
Bill of sight
Letter of credit
Bill of exchange
Export license
Warehouse receipt
Health certificates

Supercharge your logistics operations
with intelligent data automation

Pre-built Logistics and Transport API

Use our pre-built APIs to automate your transport documentation

Unleash our custom-built APIs on your documents
Be it waybills, customs declarations, bill of entry or any document - Ingest and auto-classify them for pre-processing in PDF/PNG/JPEG from emails, scans etc.
Or, start with your own custom-built API in seconds
Didn't find a readymade API? Fret not, build your own logistics document API to extract data in seconds.
Data extraction and validation

Scale shipment document processing with instant extraction of line item data

Get structured data from complex supply chain documents
Manual data entry from complex documents like bill of lading and cargo insurance certificates is tedious and error-prone. Docsumo's AI-driven data extraction for the logistics industry gives you 99%+ accurate data even from unstructured text in seconds.
Validate extracted data with Excel-like formulae
Create Excel-like rules/formulae to validate extracted data within your document, across documents or against a database.

5 Reasons to get the Docsumo Advantage Now!

Reduce turnaround time for document processing from days and months to seconds
Increase efficiency by 10X even as you process 10k+ documents a month
99% plus
Reduce manual and repetitive errors with intelligent automation and get accurate data from documents
Smart AI
Algorithms that self-learn based on new document formats and on the go or from manual corrections
Make rapid decisions with easy validation and granular analytics
Scale logistics operations smartly

Automate your logistics operations with real-time document triage

Why wait for physical arrival of documents?
Get real-time data on your cargo systems the moment shipments arrive at your warehouses. Know the next steps instantly for your operations teams to work on.
Get real-time updates on errors and exceptions from documents
Our intelligent algorithms can detect erroneous or missing data in your logistics documents. Get alerts on such exceptions quickly for your teams to follow up with shippers and customers.
Simple integrations with logistics software

Why spend effort building expensive integrations?

Docsumo - a simple platform that fits well with TMS and ERP downstream
Get out-of-the-box integration for logistics applications such as CargoWise, BluJay and more. Using custom-built software? Get easy integrations for it too.
Get data in your preferred formats
Export data in JSON and CSV formats to your systems downstream. That way, you can track your shipment data precisely.
Supply chain automation case study

Learn how Biagi Bros saved 500+ hours while processsing bills of lading

The Situation

Biagi Bros., a third-party logistics company, had to generate barcodes and extract data from bills of lading for 50 truck deliveries a day. It took them 20 minutes to service each customer.


Our API-based direct integration enabled direct upload of bill of lading into Docsumo. After the data was extracted by our intelligent OCR, it was validated contextually. This data was integrated with Dell Boomi and Advance Shipping Notice(ASN) software such as Highjumpinto.
hours processing time saved per month
processing costs saved per month
processing costs reduced by automating workflow end to end
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