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Westland automates portfolio management for multifamily properties with Docsumo

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Docsumo’s auto-classification feature makes processing of non-uniform utility bills smooth & accurate.

“We’re processing utility bills from 6 different service providers for portfolio management. The challenge was to have just one solution to process all different versions of bills to save us the hassle of retraining & switching amongst multiple solutions.  Docsumo has been able to deliver just that - one solution for all different variations.”

Shani Nowlin

Chief Technical Officer, Westland Real Estate Group

About the customer

Westland is the owner and operator of Multi-FamilyResidential, Retail Properties, and Manufactured home communities. The portfolio includes 14,000 units across all divisions across Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Inland Empire.
Commercial Real Estate
Company size
150+ Employees
Portfolio Units
Document Processed
2,000+ per month

The case study: In a nutshell


Manually scanning utility bills for portfolio management
A team of data entry operators scans 2,000+ utility bills per month
Varying vendor formats was challenging for the team to parse
Little to no validation done on captured data
All documents had to undergo double manual entry


Using intelligent document processing software to extract data
Employees review only exceptions
All utility bills are now digitized with key data extracted from them
Docsumo's algorithms auto-classify letters and validate data with custom rules in real-time
95%+ straight through processing

The Challenge

Process 6 types of utility bills from 6 different vendors

  • Westland processes 2,000+ utility bills in 6 different layouts from 6 different vendors.
  • The team of data entry operators were stretched as they manually captured data from bills for analysis

Extract accurate data from bills

  • Westland had to scan and extract accurate data from unstructured utility bills and feed it into Yardi.

Bills had varying structures

  • Received utility bills vary in terms of structure, and the fields to capture vary.

No in-built validation procedures

  • The manual extraction lacked a logical validation of data captured.

The Docsumo Solution

Ingesting utility bills

  • API-based direct integration that seamlessly ingests utility bills onto Docsumo.

Pre-processing and getting ready for data extraction

  • Inbuilt document pre-processors identified the bills formats (JPG, PDF, PNG etc.) and queued them up for data extraction.

Data extraction from unstructured text

  • Docsumo's OCR module used the vectorized position reference in a letter to extract data.
  • The OCR not only parsed through letters with varying fonts, layouts, image quality, and resolution; it even extracted data from the tables with 95%+ accuracy.

Intelligent categorization of key value pairs

  • Our proprietary NLP-based classification framework started rapidly learning from the debt settlement letter templates. It was trained to categorize key value pairs and line items.
  • Another algorithm started making intelligent predictions to identify the data within a letter.

Rule-based data validation

  • Once the data was extracted, a rule-based validation engine applied contextual data validation and correction algorithms.

Integration with Yardi

  • The data was extracted in a JSON format that was easily integrated into Yardi via APIs and iframe.

Result: 99%+ Data extraction accuracy

Faster processing of unstructured data
Touchless processing using smart validation rules
Data accuracy with intelligent automation
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