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Best Invoice Scanning Software in 2024

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Best Invoice Scanning Software in 2024

Despite dedicating a whole lot of resources to manual invoice processing for businesses, it could result in slower turn-around time, especially if the number of invoices processed per month is simply too high. There’s always the angle of ‘human error’ involved with manual document processing. So, if you’re trying to automate invoice scanning for your business but you cannot find a vendor to help you with, this article is for you. 

In this article, we discuss the top rated automated accounts payable solutions in 2023, their features, pros, cons, and cost. 

Let’s jump right into it:-

Top 10 Invoice Scanning Software in 2024

1. Docsumo

Automate your invoice processing with Docsumo, and reduce turnaround times significantly.

Key highlights

Doscumo’s automated invoice processing simplifies and automates a slew of tedious tasks involved with the invoicing cycle:

  • Easy setup
  • Extraction, smart validation, and integration capabilities

Features list

1. OCR scanning and advanced image processing

Docsumo scans documents using Optical Character Recognition on scanned documents and even text-based files in PDF format. Image pre-processing enables the software to cut out the noise in the scanned invoice, correct its contrast and straighten out the image (de-skewing).

2. Table extraction

The capability to extract tables as they are on the document makes the downstream processes smoother. This operation can be performed on PDF documents and converted into Excel or JSON formats for ease of perusal.

3. Smart filters and presets

Docsumo filters allow for data to be extracted selectively. Filters are customizable. Similarly, the software provides presets to enable even the untrained staff to work with invoice processing by extracting header data like totals, date, number, etc.

4. API integration and batch upload

The data that is extracted can be exported to any other software with the integration capabilities of Docsumo. Additionally, bulk document upload features come in handy when there is a lot to process in one go.


  • Growth - Ideal for start-ups & businesses that need to automate one or two document types.
  • Business - Perfect for businesses that need to capture specific data points from documents and train on their data.
  • Enterprise - Ideal for enterprises that need to process multiple document types, train on their data, and implement custom workflow.

Pros & Cons

The software promises a reduction in turnaround time from hours to minutes, with a processing time of about 30 seconds. Additionally, you get a reduction in costs of up to 70% and 98% data accuracy with Docsumo.

While this software does offer a plethora of great features, the software doesn't read handwritten details.

2. Rossum

Rossum is a software solution powered by artificial intelligence that helps you capture invoice data and process it in a matter of minutes.

Key highlights

The following key highlights of the Rossum invoice processing software set it apart from other similar platforms:

  • Customizable automation makes it highly efficient
  • Capability to automate exception handling
  • Template-free use

Features list

Following features of Rossum makes it one of the best choices for invoice processing software:-

1. Compatibility with cloud

Rossum offers Cloud access, counting out the need for maintenance expenses.

2. Multichannel

The capability to receive data from multiple channels makes this software a great choice for those who have an inflow of invoices through hundreds of different places.

3. Automated learning mechanism

Rossum invoice processing API is capable of learning from the observed patterns of scanning and invoice processing.

4. No Hassle of template-setting

While most software requires users to set a template into which to extract data, Rossum doesn’t. This further reduces the turnaround times for invoice processing.


Rossum provides pricing on request

Pros & Cons

Rossum promises a significant reduction in accounts payable expenses by saving 90% of the time through improved invoice processing efficiency. Tracking time and monitoring business expenses, however, is currently out of the scope of this software.

3. ABBY Flexicapture

Flexicapture is one of the leading names for automated invoice processing that completely eliminates manual data entry from the loop.

Key highlights

The following factors make Flexicapture a highly preferred software for businesses dealing with countless vendors.

  • The software is easily scalable and flexible according to the requirement
  • End-to-end process automation ensures that the software is plug and play
  • Specialty in invoices based on purchase orders

Features list

These attractive features dedicated to accounts payable automation make Flexicapture a flexible and versatile invoice scanning software.

1. Dedicated PO processing

Create “project settings” that contain custom fields, rules, and settings according to the country for extracting data from purchase orders. The principle is the same as that used in invoice processing.

2. Multichannel inputs

Whether your document arrives via email, fax, or mail, Flexicapture allows hands-free transfer to electronic media and prompt sharing capabilities.

3. ML based learning mechanism

With use, the software understands the patterns and polishes the results by further improving the processes according to user preference.


  • $29.99 per month for 500 pages, increasing proportionately with use

Pros & Cons

Audit processes are simplified thanks to Flexicapture’s archive-ready file compression. It also helps reduce the response times that surround the use of these documents. On the other hand, the software is technically complex and requires frequent and large updates.

4. Kofax

Kofax software relies on the automation of invoice processing to deliver multifarious benefits to users.

Key highlights

Kofax brings the best of invoice automation to the table with the following highlights:

  • Input channel notwithstanding, the software facilitates invoice submission, reviews, approvals, and much more
  • Integrability with ERP systems to help streamline incoming data
  • Collaborative capability

Features list

The factors that make Kofax a great invoice automation tool are listed below.

1. High-focus AI

The artificial intelligence algorithm is capable of filtering the right information and processing it according to the rules regardless of what format it receives the information in.

2. Automate workflows

Stay on the data trail of each document through automated approval processes and rerouting for exceptions. Always know where a document is.

3. KPI & SLA

Kofax has functionalities to allow you to track key performance indicators and tweak processes if necessary. Keep track of the service level agreements of the associated documents to have transparency on workflows.

4. Integrability

Kofax allows seamless integration with enterprise resource planning incumbents, enhancing ROI without needing to expend resources more than necessary.


  • $3,500 for 100,000 pages and 10,000 conversions a year

Pros & Cons

Kofax helps break through the siloed nature of data in invoicing. The real-time processing power of the software makes it ideal for processing structured and unstructured data alike. However, users report fewer tools for configuration makes customizations limited.

5. Hyperscience

Hyperscience is an intelligent document processing software focused on accuracy.

Key highlights

Hyperscience is a unique document processing platform because of the following highlights:

  • Capability of automation by up to 95% right out of the box
  • Intuitive user interface for hassle-free operations
  • Neural networks help faster processing

Features list

The following features make it a great solution for all businesses:

1. Proprietary intelligence

The software is equipped with proprietary neural networks that help achieve up to 99.5% accuracy in data extraction, eliminating the need for human intervention.

2. Security

TLS encryptions on all inbound and outbound data ensure protection against breaches or attacks. The software supports various authentication protocols for flexibility, like LDAP, SAML, and OIDC.

3. Reporting and analytics

This unique feature allows the users to measure the processing efficiencies of the software. You can even measure manual document processing efficiency through this feature.


  • Flexible based on company needs

Pros & Cons

The software also claims to be capable of automating 95% of the whole job. However, users say that customer support can be better.

6. Google Document AI

This application gets the Google benefit for invoice data capturing using AI.

Key highlights

  • Eliminate guesswork by automating validation
  • Access to Google's global-scale infrastructure through Cloud deployment

Feature list

1. Unified dashboard

Get access to all your tools on a single dashboard for invoice processing. Reduce errors and turnaround time with a unified console.

2. Google knowledge graph

Validation empowered by Google Knowledge Graph enriches the captured data (phone numbers, email IDs, addresses, etc.) and makes it more useful.

3. ML augmentation by human-in-the-loop

ML algorithms learn faster by observing reviews and validations by humans. It improves accuracy.


  • This software is made for use with Google Cloud implements; pricing depends on that

Pros & Cons

The ease of use empowered by natural language processing and machine learning make this software highly efficient at what it does. However, one disadvantage of this software is low-contrast images.

7. Amazon Textract

Amazon Textract is a great tool for companies with complex data to be extracted from documents.

Key highlights

A few amazing aspects that make this software stand out are as follows.

  • The OCR is augmented with AI to help understand patterns in data which help with forming data relationships while extraction
  • Proprietary AI (A2I) to help understand complex / sensitive data

Features list

Robust functionalities ensure that even the most basic of extraction operations are performed with exception efficiencies.

1. Smart data extraction

Amazon Textract is highly effective at reading and processing data like linked data items from forms, tables, and handwriting. The best part is that the data composition stays the same while extraction, ensuring full comprehensibility.

2. Smart learning mechanism

Given the complex nature of data in invoices and receipts, Textract employs machine learning to help understand the context of information being extracted. In cases of IDs, Textract eliminates the need for templates or configurations using the same context recognition principle.

3. Accuracy meter

In the form of “confidence thresholds”, Textract rates each document scanned based on the accuracy. These thresholds are customizable and can be designed to bring in human intervention in case the confidence threshold drops.


  • Pay as you use the pricing model, starting at $0.0015 per page up to 1 million pages, and $0.0006 for higher

Pros & Cons

Amazon Web Services deploys the latest ML implements to help make the process more efficient.  However, the difficulty in integration with third-party apps pushes it down in lists.

8. Nanonets

Nanonets empowers data processing activity with quick responses and AI.

Key highlights

This software is a singular solution for documents processing because of the following aspects.

  • AI helps with data validation; the software learns with use and automation becomes more effective with time
  • Significantly reduces turnaround time

Features list

Nanonets is a great basics-first software that simplifies the entire document processing ecosystem with the following features.

1. Customizable extraction

The “Extract only what you want” feature helps users cut on the superfluous data by enabling selective data capturing even from unstructured documents.

2. Integrability

Nanonets framework includes seamless integrability with common channels like Dropbox, email, Sheets, and many more to enable multichannel support for document processing. No matter where your document is coming from, Nanonets can process it.


  • Starter pack is free for use
  • Pro pack is $499 per model per month
  • Enterprise quote on request

Pros & Cons

The most important advantage of using Nanonets is the AI capabilities of automating data validation based, learning from user actions, and putting it into context for future validation activities. However, it is only deployable over the internet. On-premises solutions are not available.

9. Docparser

This is a great software to have for a business dealing with a wide variety of documents.

Key highlights

The following highlights make Docparser a high-utility tool for processing documents.

  • Workflow automation
  • Build customized invoice parser
  • Work efficiently with unstructured data

Features list

Docparser is a great document that is able to extract relevant information, regardless of the document type.

1. PO/Sales orders processing

Suitable for eCommerce, wholesale, and retail businesses, the creation of an automated protocol for extracting data from purchase or sales orders can be concluded in a matter of minutes.

2. Adaptable data extraction techniques

Contracts and invoices related to rents and leasing can be easily parsed using the PDF Parser solution by Docparser (this is an industry-leading solution), converting unstructured data into actionable information.


  • Starter pack at $39 a month, 100 documents included
  • Professional pack at $69 a month with 250 documents
  • Business pack at $259 a month and 1000 documents
  • Enterprise quote on request

Pros & Cons

The ability to handle document variety makes Docparser the hands-down choice for businesses with a high volume of documents, like insurance companies. However, filtering and segregation seem to be an issue with this software.

10. Xtracta

Xtracta is known for facilitating scalability and integrability.

Key highlights

The following aspects make Xtracta an efficient solution for invoice processing.

  • The setup is simple and smooth
  • Continuous support from the developer is available
  • Simplified workflow: scan, input, process, transfer/export and leave the rest to Machine Learning

Features list

Xtracta is known for simplified processes, set-and-forget functionality. Here is a list of some of the features.

1. Works with photographs

In addition to processing unstructured documents, Xtracta is capable of working with photographs as well.

2. Template-agnostic

Configuration and templates are eliminated from the processing loop, owing to the AI capabilities that are capable of understanding data.


Quote available on request

Pros & Cons

This software allows users to set protocol for even the data that is missing from forms, making AI learn how to deal with it. However, since AI is involved, it takes time to get the software to work as you want it to.

Finally, Why Docsumo?

Doscumo comes loaded with a pre-trained Invoice capture API which is highly customizable. With the help of machine learning algorithms, the API can be customized to extract specific data-fields for your specific needs. The API is template-agnostic so you don’t have to worry about retraining it for little changes in an invoice template. 

There’s more to it:-

  • Docsumo cuts down the invoice processing time by a factor of 10
  • You save 50% or more at back-office document processing
  • Docsumo is probably the best in the industry when it comes to line items and nested table data extraction..

To add to it, Docsumo is scalable at any level - the software is integrable with ERPs with minimal initial setup required. Additionally, meaningful insights offered by Docsumo help accelerate decision-making.

Schedule a demo with us today to streamline your invoice scanning process end-to-end.

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