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Unlock Efficiency with Docsumo's Latest Product Updates [October 2023]

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Unlock Efficiency with Docsumo's Latest Product Updates [October 2023]

We are excited to share the latest product updates for the month of October 2023, aimed at enhancing your workflow efficiency.

We have been actively listening to your feedback and with that as our driving force, our team has been working hard to provide the best experience that you can expect from Docsumo.

Here's an exciting array of new features, enhancements, and updates designed to suit your workflow needs more adeptly.

Manage your documents with field customization

We know not everyone works the same way, and our 3 new features on the edit screen offer customization to fit your individual needs.

1. Show / Hide fields

Reduce clutter and focus on what matters more in your workflow by changing the visibility of the fields. Just keep the fields you want to work with and hide the rest to improve productivity. Please note that the hidden fields won’t be extracted.

2. Drag and Drop functionality

Sorting your items can sometimes feel like quite a chore. To lighten the load, we've introduced the drag and drop feature - a simple, efficient way to keep your content organized and easily accessible.

3. Collapsible sections for easy viewing

With our new feature that allows sections to be collapsed or expanded, we're giving you a more streamlined view of your work. Now your focus can stay on your content, not the clutter.

Gain better control of your document quality and analytics

i) Take charge of data quality using Confidence Score

You can now choose the benchmark confidence level you want for each field in a document. If the confidence in any data it pulls out is lower than the level you've chosen, that field will be highlighted. This means you now have more control over which fields you might want to double-check. 

ii) Customize your insights for precision using a date range filter

Whether you're investigating historical trends, monitoring recent changes, or conducting targeted analyses, you can make more informed decisions using the exact date range you want to analyze. The maximum available data will still remain the same. This means that you can get comprehensive insights without compromising on the availability of information. 

Updates to improve productivity and make your workflow efficient

1. Get your tasks done quicker with the new keyboard shortcuts

We're always looking for ways to make your workflow more efficient. Our new shortcuts are designed to help you get your tasks done quicker, saving you time - and a lot of unnecessary clicks.

2. Edit and review documents on the same screen

Streamline your workflow by seamlessly switching between Editing and Reviewing documents. Navigate to the edit screen from the review mode without missing a beat. In the earlier version, the document would close after making the edits, but with this update, you can now return to the same document after completing edits.

It's all about efficiency - less navigating, more time spent on your tasks.

3. Effortless review of lengthy field entries using Tooltips

When a field entry exceeds the cell size in the editor/review screen, verifying its accuracy can become challenging. With our latest update, there's no need for endless scrolling to the end of lengthy text entries. Now, you can effortlessly review your input by simply hovering over the field where 'Tooltips' will appear, allowing users to access and verify complete information. This enhancement improves readability and reduces errors.

4. Download the reviewed document in a single-click

We've made downloading documents even easier by moving the download button outside the dropdown menu. Once you are done reviewing the document, you can click directly on the download button available on the front panel. No-fuss, no searching, just click and download.

Other Useful Updates

  • Users can now navigate between 20 documents on the edit screen, a significant increase from the previous limit of 5. This enhancement streamlines workflow, allowing users to manage and process a larger volume of documents more efficiently.
  • Experience smoother navigation with our improved UI for adding fields and sections, and an updated workflow for adding tables and columns.
  • Our updated support documentation is much more comprehensive to help you simplify your journey, letting you leverage the platform to its full potential.
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Vishal Arya
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Vishal Arya

Vishal Arya is a seasoned Customer Success Strategist with a proven track record in managing B2B and SaaS accounts. He has garnered extensive experience in elevating account management by predicting potential competitive threats and providing proactive solutions. With a background in Core Java and a passion for process improvement, Vishal excels in nurturing high-value accounts through consultative selling and developing highly profitable pipelines, making him a top performer in the field of customer success.

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