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With Docsumo we are now able to process thousands of ACORD Forms in a day

"We were looking for a tech partner to automate analysis of certificates of insurance for our real estate liability management software. We are really happy with Docsumo’s APIs and their team’s dedication to solving our problem. We are now able to process thousands of ACORD forms a day automatically while being able to get accurate analytics from over 100 data points.

Michael Rudman

Co-founder & CTO, Jones

Accelerate your forms processing in 4 simple steps with Docsumo


Detect form formats and get images ready for pre-processing

Docsumo's intelligent AI detects form formats and convert them into images for easy scanning. These images are un-blurred and smoothened to identify the text in the background.

Extract data from forms

The next step is to map key-value pairs and extract data from tables and semi-srtuctured/unstructured layouts.

Validate form data with human-in-the-loop

Now, get your teams to validate any outliers or dodgy data. This ensures higher accuracy of data for decision making.

Integrate with existing form-syncing software

Finally, the extracted data is integrated with CRMs like Salesforce, Yardi, in-house software or even MS Excel to kickstart analytics or make decisions.

Docsumo - Get human-like cognition and flexibility to process forms in any industry

Insurance forms processing

Extract data from complex, multi-page ACORD forms

Automate data extraction from ACORD forms, IRS tax forms, or claims documents easily. Use our pre-trained APIs for pre-defined fields like customer name, coverage, premiums, certificate number, company name and more.
ACORD 25, 26, 27, 28
ACORD 125, 126, 127, 130
Medicare/Medicaid health insurance claim forms
Custom model your insurance forms
Insurance verification forms
Insurance authorization forms
Auto insurance quote forms
IRS Tax returns and forms processing

Power up your underwriting with automated data extraction from IRS Tax returns

Extract key values and tables instantly from all kinds of tax returns.
W-2, W-9 Forms
Form 940, 990
Form 1120-S, 1040C
Site survey forms
Apartment inspection forms
Loan application forms

5 Reasons to get the Docsumo Advantage Now!

Reduce turnaround time for document processing from days and months to seconds
Increase efficiency by 10X even as you process 10k+ documents a month
99% plus
Reduce manual and repetitive errors with intelligent automation and get accurate data from documents
Smart AI
Algorithms that self-learn based on new document formats and on the go or from manual corrections
Make rapid decisions with easy validation and granular analytics
Commercial lending form processing

Drive 100% lending automation with APIs to classify forms, identify key points, and validate data

Know creditworthiness of borrowers and streamline your commercial lending workflows with automated data extraction of lending applications/forms.
Business loan application forms
Sources-uses forms
Commercial lending forms
- IRS tax forms
Logistics form processing

Make your supply chain operations smarter with automated forms processing

Get business-ready data from your supply chain forms with intelligent automation and enhance visibility of your shipment.
Certificate of origin forms
Delivery confirmation forms
Customs forms
Equipment inventory forms
Courier registration forms
Inventory adjustment forms
Insurance Forms Processing Customer Success Story

Learn how Jones extracted unstructured data from ACORD forms in <8 seconds

The Situation

This NewYork based proptech company helps customers manage insurance compliance for 50,000+ apartments. Their operations team would manually examine ACORD forms for limits on general, automobile, garage, and umbrella liability. Each form would take 30 minutes to process.


Docsumo’s pre-trained APIs helped ingest ACORD forms easily. Our rule-based validation engine applied contextual data validation on extracted data, which was later integrated with client's software.
Processing time of unstructured data reduced to <8 seconds
Touchless processing using smart validation rules
Accuracy with end-to-end automation
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