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Identify Risk Faster With Automated Financial Statement Spreading

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Intelligent data extraction from balance sheets
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Make finance workflows 10X efficient with end-to-end automation and validation logic
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Get actionable ratios faster using our classification models to categorize captured tables
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Reduce manual effort and errors with AI-powered financial spreading and analysis
Docsumo is an excellent data capture tool with easy integration.
" Using Docsumo, we are capturing data from more than 5 document types with hundreds of variations.The biggest advantage with Docsumo is that it can be integrated easily with other tools. All our data security issues are addressed - we’re happy to take this partnership forward.
Head of Product
Enterprise Risk Management Company,
Virginia, USA
Document Processing Analytic

4 simple steps to accurate and efficient financial spreading

Import financial statements via email

Save time by importing documents directly from emails

Import financial statements and other documents from emails, physical uploads, etc.
Import accurate data from balance sheets

Get 99%+ accurate financial data with minimal effort

Categorize documents and extract data instantly from them with our smart algorithms. Tabulate them into a tab of accounts instantly.
Automatic Calculation of Gross Profits

Review and validate data for its accuracy

Use excel-like formulae to validate financial ratios, aggregate 12-month totals, and percentages from financial documents.
Automatically Analyze P&L Statements

Make smarter credit decisions with insightful analytics

Personal finances or company financials - get 360-degree financial view to make smarter credit decisions
Import financial statements via emailImport accurate data from balance sheetsAutomatic Calculation of Gross ProfitsAutomatically Analyze P&L Statements

Accelerate risk rating and credit decisioning with automated financial statement spreading

Insurance forms processing

Readymade APIs to classify financial statements from emails & scans

Ingest personal or corporate financial statements in PDF, images, scans, or Excel easily. Or, train your own API on your dataset without breaking a sweat. Automatically identify tables with financial data using our intelligent algorithms.
Auto-classification of different types of financial statements
Pre-built financial spreading APIs

Agile APIs to scale your financial spreading in real-time

  • Use our APIs to group similar data together and extract them in real time even from financial documents that are in different languages and currencies. Intelligently map line items from Profit & Loss accounts, balance sheets, income statements, 1040, W9, corporate tax returns, and more to your downstream CRMs and spreadsheets.
Extracting Data from 1040 Income Tax Return Forms

5 Reasons to get the Docsumo Advantage Now!

Reduce turnaround time for invoice processing from days and months to seconds
Increase efficiency by 10X even as you process 10k+ invoices a month
99% plus
Reduce manual and repetitive errors with intelligent automation and get accurate data from invoices
Smart AI
Algorithms that self-learn based on new invoice formats and on the go or from manual corrections
Make rapid decisions with easy validation and granular analytics
Human-in-the-loop validation

Make the best use of OCR + human-in-the-loop

Validate your financial data with human-in-the-loop review for our self-learning algorithms to adjust for new documents or layouts. Free up valuable human effort for more important tasks in the financial workflows.
Export statement data to various formats and applications
Get granular analytics

Make decisions faster with insightful data

Monitor patterns, get data for trend analysis and calculate financial ratios with ease. Integrate extracted data with existing finance and credit workflows for faster decision making.
Summarize financial statements and extract insights
Financial spreading case study

Learn how an enterprise risk management firm achieved 99%+ field-level accuracy while processsing financial documents

The Situation
Our client, an enterprise risk management firm, had to manually populate financial models from 5 different document typessent by >500 applicants every month. Their in-house automation efforts hadn't yielded positive results.
Our intelligent algorithms helped them adapt to all the variations in these documents with minimal training. We helped them integrate with their existing software and pushed data with their matching schema similar to their financial models. Moreover, Docsumo's SOC 2 - TYPE 2 certification exceeded their security expectations.
Processing U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Form
Field-level accuracy
Touchless processing using smart validation rules
Processing cost reduced by automating workflow end-to-end
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