Meet us at FinovateFall 2023

September 11 - 13, 2023

Automate your workflow end-to-end with Docsumo’s AI-powered intelligent document processing solution. Talk to us at FinovateFall 2023 to discover how Docsumo can power your business growth.

✅ Extract information from complex datasets in your documents within minutes.

✅ Enhance customer experience with 95%+ touchless processing.

✅ Drive 10x efficiency and drive growth without compromising performance.

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We are excited to meet you!

Rushabh Sheth
CEO - Docsumo
Bikram Dahal
CTO - Docsumo
Aaron Winnick
Account Executive - Docsumo

Find our booth here:
Booth no. 402

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Best Document AI solution with pre-trained APIs for every lending needs

"Biggest advantage of using Docsumo is the unparallel data capture accuracy. With 95%+ STP rate, the extracted data is directly pushed into the database without someone needing to look at documents 95 out of 100 times."

Howard Leiner


Your go-to solution for flexible data capture from unstructured documents

"Debt settlement letters vary a lot from each other but Docsumo manages to capture data accurately almost every single time at the processing speed which is unprecedented."

Daniel Tilipman

President & Co-Founder |
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With Docsumo we are now able to process thousands of ACORD Forms in a day

“We are processing thousands of ACORD forms a day automatically while being able to get accurate analytics from over 100 data points.”

Michael Rudman

Co-founder & CTO |

With Docsumo, we save more than 500 hours per month.

“With Docsumo, we assign barcodes in less than 2 mins. The same process used to take us 20 mins previously. We are now saving hundreds of hours a month generating Advanced Shipment Notifications.”

Neil Lawrence

Business Process Manager |

One solution for different utility bills

“We process 6 different types of utility bills for portfolio management. Docsumo has been able to deliver one solution for all different variations.”

Shani Nowlin

Chief Technology Officer |

Best in class for capturing data from financial documents

“Docsumo’s pre-trained APIs for automating data capture from bank statements and identity cards have reduced the time our operations team spends on data entry by manifolds.”

Prashanth Ranganathan

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